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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Perfect Idea!!

I've had the GREATEST Idea ever come to me tonight while talking to my SIL...
She's expecting - and is Due Mid/late May. (probably on my birthday!HA!)

Anyway... can't say too much about it, because she knows about this blogspot...
All I can say, is it's going to be the most AMAZING thing ever! I'm going to start working on it this weekend... see what kinda stuff I can come up with - I'll scribble up some blue prints and see where I can go from there. :)
I'm super excited..

I'm going to be using a lot of pastel colors... yellows, greens, blues, pinks, oranges... *sigh* It's going to be absolutely LOVELY!

Hope that she likes it... I know she will, duh.

I've got so many great things in my brain... need to brainstorm, need to get a bunch of drafts done for paintings and/or sculptures.

I just cannot wait to have free hour(s) to just sit and plan! :)

So stoked.
Will keep you updated!

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