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Thursday, November 20, 2008


It's my weekend off! YAHOOO
I'm off Friday through Sunday, and back to work at 9:30 monday morning.
So super stoked for this weekend...

I'm going to blitz clean house tonight and do laundry and all that lovely stuff...
AND then tomorrow, I'm going to make sure I have some food made up for my hubbers before he gets home...
Plus, I've got some running around to do.

After all is said and done... I've got the entire 3 days to work on projects!

Any suggestions as to what I should start with first? Well, besides the baby thing I'm making for my SIL. I've got ideas flowing for that, just need to get my sketch book out and start putting them on paper to see what works.

I'm going to see what I can accomplish tonight as well - and maybe post some pictures since my camera is charged and ready to rock and roll.

Please spread the word about this blog... I want to get as many people interested in even just looking at my art. :)

My biggest and most heartfelt thanks!!

~A T

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stu n said...

coooooool stuff! :)